Wednesday , 25 November 2020
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About Us

Our Mission

To increase visibility of Republic of Kazakhstan, its culture and economic opportunities in the United States. Our goal is to encourage, foster and stimulate commerce, trade and business through seminars and forums for new businesses. We accomplish our mission by making community ties between Kazakhstan and the USA stronger, closer and more diverse. Our organization develops, encourages and promotes mutual business opportunities for the US and Kazakh companies. We serve as a bridge between Kazakh community residing in the U.S and the agencies, programs, civil society organizations and social entrepreneurship based in Kazakhstan. The American companies based in the US, which are interested in exporting their products or services to Kazakhstan use our expertise and contacts to answer their basic questions about the initial process and rely on our contacts for the introduction to the right agencies in Kazakhstan. We also promote the exchange of students, entertainers and sport athletes to develop a better cultural understanding between two nations.

Our History

Organizing performances by opera singers and national orchestra of Kazakhstan, entertainment programs, cultural exhibitions of paintings and photographs by various new and established artists, fashion shows. We have been providing various counseling and consulting services including but not limited to, social services, housing information, translation, immigration consultations for Kazakhs national in the US. We help them maintain high quality of individual, family, and communal life; thus, promoting relationship between Kazakhstan and the United States. One of our main activities and concentration of our agency is to provide help for our youth and children as they require most guidance and are in need of our resources and expertise. Our agency has provided immeasurable help in adaption process of Kazakh children in the US. We also participated in creating summer camping opportunities for Kazakh children in the US. Recently KAA opened Kazakh language classes in New York and will raise financial support, medical equipment and expertise for children and health related programs in Kazakhstan and the USA. Our agency also participates in promotion of the exchange of students, entertainers and sport athletes to develop a better and multilateral understanding of the two nations.

The KAA is a non-for profit corporation duly organized under the laws of the State of New York. We have a set of dedicated corporate officers, board of directors and volunteers who donate their time to help the organization plan and achieve its goals, which are clearly identified in the KAA’s five-year strategic plan which centers around the goal of bringing two Nations together – Kazakh communities in USA and in Kazakhstan and the United States through research, introduction, promotion, motivation, education, entertainment, learning and understanding.


KAA will provide travel management services for business and leisure travelers from Kazakhstan in the US markets. Travelers appreciate KAA’s service capabilities in this part of the world. To provide this expertise, KAA has evolved in order to expand and refine the capabilities in the North American marketplace – a great focus of multinational travel.

Based on KAA’s extensive multinational network of contacts, we are able to exert maximum purchasing power to yield maximum cost savings for our clients. We strive always to be a reliable travel organization – dedicated to continually improving the quality of service, hospitality and travel management for our Kazakhstani customers. We also perform extensive research respecting demographics and consumer behavior in the travel/ hospitality industry in the United States.


Study the objectives, promotional policies and needs of Kazakhstani businesses to develop public relations strategies that will influence public opinion or promote ideas and services in the United States for the benefits of deeper understanding between Kazakhstan and the United States.

KAA will identify trends and key group interests and concerns to provide advice on business decisions in the United States. KAA will consult with the US advertising agencies to arrange promotional campaigns in all types of media for KAA’s services. KAA will coach representatives from Kazakhstan in effective communication with the public in the United States.